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Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our 53rd Thanksgiving Day in the United States

Today, is our 53rd Thanksgiving Day celebration in the US. The whole David B Katague Clan will have another mini-reunion at my oldest( Dodie) son's residence in Walnut Creek, California at 3PM today. My four adult children and three of my six grand children will also be able to attend. My grand daughter, Alix, who is in College at Cornell University in New York decided not to come, reserving her transportation money for the coming Christmas break. My two other grand children spent thanksgiving with their other grand mother in Santa Rosa. My wife and with my son's assistance has prepared her favorite recipe of Chicken-Macaroni salad. My youngest daughter has prepared pumpkin/sweet potato-leek soup. We will have the usual turkey and its trimmings to be served by my oldest son and wife, Ruth. For dessert we will have pecan pie, chocolate cake, cheese cake and mercedes brazoz. My oldest son's wife, Ruth turns 53 years old today. My other son, David III turned 51 years old last week.

Again, every thanksgiving day always reminds me of our first Thanksgiving Celebration here in US in 1960.

An excerpt of an article that I wrote about that memorable day is as follows:( see photo above also)

"It was November,1960 when Macrine and I and our oldest son, Dodie(who was only 2 years old then) experienced our first Thanksgiving Celebration in the United States. That year, I was a graduate student of the University of Illinois at the Medical Center in Chicago. The Chicago Hospitality Center along with YMCA and Christian Family Movement(CFM) invites all foreign students in the area to spend a thanksgiving weekend to the homes of volunteers in small towns of Illinois away from the crowded city of Chicago. Some of my foreign student friends were reluctant and did not accept the invitation, but I had an adventurous spirit so with great anticipation, Macrine and I along with Dodie went with 12 other foreign students and their families to Central Illinois.

Our host for that weekend was Mrs. Johnston, a widow from Danville, Illinois. She lives alone and her beautiful bungalow house right in downtown Danville. We left Chicago in the morning, had thanksgiving dinner ( turkey and all its trimmings)in late afternoon. This was followed by a program in the evening at a local community center, where all the hosts met and socialized with other invited students from Korea, Iran, Mexico, Japan, Chile, South Africa, Egypt and the Philippines.

The next day we had a grand tour of the area, the farms and then to Springfield, the capital city of Illinois. The tour of the area and Springfield was the highlight of our two days break from our hectic schedules as a graduate students.

So, did I like the roasted turkey? Nope, that was first time I had turkey. In the Philippines we do not celebrate Thanksgiving and I had never tasted turkey before. I did not like the pumpkin pie either. What I enjoyed was the oyster stuffing, vanilla ice cream and the cranberries sauce".

I wrote another article on my impression of inviting foreign students to American homes during thanksgiving day. This article was published in the Christian Family Movement(CFM) Newsletter. Here's a short excerpt from that article.

" As the first couple of CFM and Interfaith group in our diocese, we will do our very best to reciprocate, promote, and encourage hospitality programs to foreign students and scholars in our area. We believe that opening our homes and our hearts on weekends and holidays, is one of the best ways of promoting world peace and understanding. Let us then make it possible for foreign students and scholars get the true picture of America and its people. Let us give them the opportunity to share with us our way of life. Let us get busy as a group or perhaps join other groups in order that we can show to the future leaders of the world, how sincere, friendly and aware we are of other human beings in other parts of the world. This is one of the many ways we could be more Christlike, we believe".

This year I am thanking the Lord again for all the good things and for the past 53 years of our Thanksgiving Days here in US. The Lord has given me and my family so much good things here in US. To all my friends and relatives all over the world, May God bless you and your love ones this Thanksgiving Day!

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