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Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
View of Mainland Marinduque from Tres Reyes Islands-Click on Photo to link to Marinduque Awaits You

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Facebook Apathy and Indifference

Apathy and Indifference to Social Media

Last week,I was experimenting on how many of my more than my 700 FaceBook "friends" and relatives will respond to a personal favor regarding my articles (lenses) on www.squidoo.com/lensmasters/chateaudumer.

In my status posting in FaceBook, I requested that I need at least 20 Likes in any one or all of my 29 articles published in the squidoo.com writing site. The 20 LIKE clicks will allow my articles to be filed in the completed lens section of Squidoo. This is important because a completed article will have more exposure to readers. The more readers and page views your article has, the more likely your readers will click on your ads for a small income if you are lucky. To me the small ads income is not important from the squidoo site. What is important to me is to know that I have readers that enjoy reading my lenses and find my articles informative and interesting.

Are you curious of the results of my experiment? As expected only 8 friends and relatives responded positively to my status request as of this writing date. The rest of my 692 FB "friends" can not care less. I could feel their apathy and indifference. I think I know the reason why not too many responded to my request.

The readers of FB and other social media sites are over saturated with information, request for games, request for likes, bombarded with photographs and other information that they are not interested in. In my personal case, when I read FB, I just scan the articles, photographs and if I really like the articles or photos I will read it, make a comment or just click the like button. Otherwise 99% of all the information on my FB page I just ignored.

I am a little bit disappointed that I have only 8 real friends in FB, but it is the reality of life and I must go forward and hope for better results next time when I ask a favor from my relatives and friends via FaceBook. If you are reading this blog and feels guilty of not responding to my request, it is not too late to visit my url mentioned at the beginning of this posting. Thanks for reading this post and an advance Thanksgiving greetings to you and your love ones.

Again, my special thanks to Vic V (from Northern Virginia) and Dave C (from Malta) for the first two responders to my plea for a LIKE click on my articles in the squidoo.com writing site. May your tribe increase, indeed!

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