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Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands

Marinduque Mainland from Tres Reyes Islands
View of Mainland Marinduque from Tres Reyes Islands-Click on Photo to link to Marinduque Awaits You

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Memorable Photos of Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort, 2014

Chateau Du Mer Beach House, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines

Our snowbirding year 2014 ended on May 8 that coincided with our 57th wedding anniversary. We celebrated that day on travel from Manila to Seoul, South Korea then to Seattle, WA where we check in on Immigration. Immigration check in for all US passport holders is now automatic and you no longer have to fill up the forms manually. It was a joy to check out fast and no delay at all. From Seattle we have a connecting flight to Sacramento via Alaska Airlines. It was not a bad itinerary, but the Seattle airport is a mess and 4 hours waiting time for our connection. There were several shuttle transfers from the International airport to the local concourse for national travel, and you can easily get lost if you are not familiar with Seattle International Airport. We took this itinerary because it was on SALE when we purchase our tickets last February. The shortest but expensive route would be taking Philippine Airlines from Manila to San Francisco and then to Sacramento via United Express commuter service. Anyway. this year I took hundreds of photos of our beach resort and retirement home in Boac, Marinduque. Here are some of my favorites shots this year:

Front Yard Landscaping with Bougainvilla as focal Point

Newly purchased marble bench from Romblon

Japanese Bridge spanning a small creek in the property

Conference Hall Front Yard Landscaping

New Fencing at Seaside

Sunset framed with the new PVC fencing

Macrine in Front Porch with her Sunglasses

Front Yard Landscaping and Driveway

Chateau Du Mer Logo

Last but not least, my Bird of Paradise Flower and Fruit Arrangement

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